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Perri Addition
Perri Addition Perri Addition Perri Addition

Perri Addition

This is a new rear addition for a young couple with a growing family. With 4 kids, and a tiny 6x10 kitchen, the house was bursting at the seams. The house is on the path of kids coming home from the local school and pouring into the neighborhood, often through the house. This project gave the family some much needed kitchen/family dining space on the first floor. With a deep porch and large overhangs, the south-west facing rooms are sheltered from the summer sun while allowing winter access, and give the owners a great connection to the vegetable garden and back yard. The new mudroom is also a convenient way in for the kids coming home from school, and a place to clean the dog.

On the 2nd floor, we are providing a modest master suite. While it could be full width, there is no need for the extra costly square footage. By making it smaller than the first floor, we reduce the constructed square footage and have some space for an interesting shape and a porch roof. The new bedroom and bath also opens up an existing bedroom for the older daughter and alleviates the stress on the single small bathroom.

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