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Laminar Flow
Laminar Flow Laminar Flow Laminar Flow

Laminar Flow

Industrial Renovation

Laminar Flow is a manufacturing company making the stainless steel equipment found in laboratories and schools, such as fume hoods, sinks, and specialty equipment. After 20 years of leasing, they bought the building and want to establish an upgraded corporate character to replace the run-down old building image. We offered a variety of design approaches, using different colors, roof canopies and site plans.

The selected design will be in a selection of silvery grays and buff, with a blue base and custom stainless steel canopy at the office end to reflect the modern tech nature of the products, and the corporate colors. The design wraps the sides for about 30’ to give it some depth, and replacing the old single-glazed windows with higher-efficiency aluminum commercial units will add to the comfort of the workers and hopefully reduce energy costs. The lobby will receive a glass store-front vestibule to replace the old drywall box entry.

Additional landscaping will reduce the effect of the extensive asphalt and add some gentle character to the visitor’s first impressions. We are proposing a new bluestone slab planter, which will be shorter than the existing brick planter, to demarcate the office zone. The trees will be planted on the structural lines, and we hope to utilize an underground retention system to hold roof run-off and provide moisture to the trees.

Due to the economy, this project has not been built as of 2012.

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