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Current Projects and Advice

Accessible renovations

Catching up a bit:

The Roslyn addition below hasn't progressed much further, as the family gets back to school (the dad also ref's various kids sports) and some products were delayed. Windows are in and hopefully they can get the siding on before the bad weather hits.

Meanwhile, I'm working on renovations to open up a house for a wonderful family with a couple of charming kids with significant physical disabilities.  We will enlarge a kitchen and make it adaptable/accessible, add a family room, add an indoor pool that will let the kids exercise, play with friends and be weightless for a while and let the rest of the family have a social space as well. We'll also be adding track systems to help get to and from the bath and bedrooms, and "designing for the curve" ie, keep sharp corners and objects, tables, etc out of the path of the lively 5 year old on a scooter or wheelchair! And adapt the site for easier access from the drive and garage. This is a VERY rough massing model letting us look at roof lines, impact on the yard and aesthetic issues. This will evolve quite a bit as design continues.

Roslyn Whole House, update with Roof!

Huge strides are being made as the 2nd floor gets framed, then the trusses arrive and the roof goes on. The roof is made from Attic trusses, which give is a central room for storage and HVAC equipment.

Roslyn Whole House Update

Moving fast! The existing roof is stripped or trimmed, the 2nd floor is framed in and as we speak the 2nd floor and roof framing is going up.

Front, after demo

This is where everyone steps back and realizes just how much is going on here! See below for the design model images.

Glenside Addition, progress

This Victorian in Glenside (See Glenside Addition, below) is underway after the brutal winter wrecked the schedule. Framing is complete, wiring about to start, insulation to follow.

A couple of minor disappointments: due to budget, the windows are vinyl, which made them a bit smaller and led to double hungs instead of awnings in a few places. There is also the change in character with the old house, but this sort of thing is often necessary and can be undone in the future.

But the rest is spectacular! A ton of room for the master suite, with the wonderful little window seat and bid niche under the eaves, a much better flow for the main level, new bath and laundry upstairs. And the 3rd floor was just to be for HVAC but is so nice that they \are reconsidering the equipment location so it can work as a guest room.

On the main floor, the dining has been opened to a new family room, and a pass thru and new kitchen configuration added.  And the rear porch has a great view down the deep back yard. Worth moving the garage!

Roslyn Whole House and 2nd Floor

This family decided to move up from Philadelphia to Abington in time for the new school year. They chose a great neighborhood in Roslyn, and a terrific large lot, but with a large family the single story ranch was not going to work. 

So, why not gut the interior, add a 2nd floor and get it done by September?

After looking at several plans, they chose a shorter 2nd floor to reduce bulk and unnecessary square footage. In a twist, we pulled the stairs out of the main house and into spare space in the rear sun-room porch, which let us use the entire floor for bedrooms and storage (having no basement). By gutting the 1st floor, we could completely reconfigure the plan. The only bearing wall was the center wall, which worked for both levels anyway. Using attic trusses for the roof gave us HVAC space without the cost of a conventionally framed roof.

Spray foam enclosing the entire envelope (roof included), energy star windows, carefull air sealing, high-efficiency furnace with fresh air, and tankless water heater give them a head start in energy efficiency.

And the 2nd floor, along with an additional gable, gives the house much greater presence as well.

We'll keep you posted!

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