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Current Projects and Advice

Progress on the Highland Ave addition

Moving right along on the Abington (Highland Ave.) addition, both floors are framed and sheathed, plumbing is run and Lew is working on the trim. Windows, roof and siding next!

Kitchen area, framed 10112Rear view, sheathed and trimmed

Another Abington addition starts up!

Another Abington addition is starting up. It'll be a terrific combination of a master bedroom suite and a kitchen/mudroom and interior realignment of old rooms.  The reworking makes a new larger dining room out of the old tiny kitchen and dining rooms, and adds a powder room, storage and crafts/office/hobby area on the first floor. It also changes the old master bedroom over the garage to a family room, reverting the main living room to an adult space. Now there's an idea! But what a difference it will make.

A small note: we dropped the addition first floor 7" to get an 8' ceiling, and raised the 2nd floor for an 8' ceiling instead of the existing 7'6" ceilings often found in older homes. Lew Hollish Jr. (Horsham, son of Lew Hollish of Abington) is the builder. 

Despite the apparent mess, progress is happening! A couple of start up problems with unanticipated structural issues, but nothing significant. Also another reminder that things take much longer than expected.

Abington Addition almost done

With the kitchen going in and the siding on, the GC portion of the project is almost done. For cost savings the owner will be doing finishing work himself. With a bit of elbow grease it should be ready by the time school starts! The siding is prefinished Hardie Plank, a cementitious siding. Windows are Marvin Integrity, with an excellent u-value, and better-than code insulation all around. We also reworked the HVAC to separate 1st and 2nd floors, correcting the abysmal original efficiency. Egress sized windows allow family use of the new deeper basement room and a future deck and porch will tie the family spaces to the terrific back yard. Marc Filiault, MPF Construction, Abington, is the builder.


Abington Addition progress

The addition marches on, despite the rain. It now has a presence from the adjacent street.

The roof is on, soffits covered using a great Certainteed product that looks like bead-board but is ventilated. We are also adding a 9 inch over hang to the old roof for a shadow line, protection of the wall and to match the addition.

The windows are in and most of the utilities. The high square windows are over the bed position, allowing a headboard and privacy. We took advantage of the work to zone the HVAC to upper and lower zones, since the original system was inadequate.

This is the future kitchen/dining area, set up for a large table, great view and strong connection to the yard and neighborhood.

Framing progress on the Abington Addition

From a hole in the ground to 2 stories framed up all happens pretty quickly, once the rain stops. The owners opted for full basement which will expand the usable family or hobby space for the home. Normal sized windows will work once the site grade is adjusted a bit.


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