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What About Fees

What about fees?

Every project is different.

Your home is unique, and the design for your renovation will be unique too, reflecting your family’s lifestyle, character, & goals. We begin designing to fit your needs by matching the fees for your project to your scope of work.

Two ways to start:

Consultation Meeting. For some smaller projects, it makes sense to start working together at an hourly rate right away. I can come out, listen to what you want to accomplish, and give you immediate feedback. This is best when you are adding or renovating just a small area like a bathroom or laundry. I can tell you whether what you want to do is practical, how we can approach challenges like bearing walls you want to open up, and even provide sketches during the same meeting.

Free Introduction Meeting. If you are just starting to think about a project, or if you are interviewing a few architects, an Introduction meeting is the way to go. We can get together at your home at no charge, so we can talk about what you hope to accomplish. This gives you a chance to tell me about your project and ask me questions about what it would be like to work together. It can also help you get more focused on what you want for your home so you are ready to move on to the next step.

Moving Forward:

A Written Proposal, so you’ll know what to expect. You’ll enjoy a new home, renovation or addition for many years, so we’ll need some time to properly explore the design options, make good decisions and create the drawings and other information showing what you want in your finished home. If we will be working together for more than just a consultation, I’ll create a written proposal carefully describing the nature of the project and the services I am providing, with fees based on how much time it will take me to create a design for your particular project. In most cases, the fee will be broken down into several phases, relating to our design review meetings.

But about how much will that be? Introduction meetings are free, as long as we meet within about 20 miles of my Abington or Silver Spring studio. A consultation will usually take one or two hours, so getting together to brainstorm will cost from $95 to $200. When I work with you through the full design process, the design fees will depend on the scope of your project, the style of your house, how much detail you want to provide for contractors, how many different possible solutions you would like to consider, and more.

Can I really afford an Architect?

Yes! Even if we only spend a few hours together, I’ll answer your questions and help you make more informed decisions. Because I develop unique solutions for each project, we can find a level of services that meets your budget. Having me as part of your project team gives you an ally who has been through this before.

Percentage of Construction Cost. You may have heard of this method of establishing architectural fees, and the time required for design does have a strong relationship to the cost of the project. If you look online or listen to design shows, often you will hear a range of 10% to 20% of construction cost for residential work, with renovation projects tending to be at the upper end of that range. I’ve found that I can provide the services my clients need for considerably less than that, depending on the complexity and level of detail I am providing. If you are using fairly standard construction methods and work with the contractor as part of the project team rather than doing competitive bidding, I can give you the benefits of thoughtful design with more streamlined architectural services.

What’s the value of using New Leaf Home Design for my project?

Spending your renovation dollars well. Careful planning is what makes a project the best it can be. “Where does the sun come in? Where do the shoes go? What is the view from this spot? Will the people in this room feel connected to activities in the next space?” A New Leaf design considers these questions and many more. After all, you don’t just want more square footage, you want a place where you will feel at home.

To schedule an introduction meeting, please call me at (215)886-6916, or e-mail don@blackdogarchitects.com and find out if we are a good fit for your renovation project.