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Haverford Addition, Kitchen

I probably should have mentioned that the Haverford project began life as a kitchen renovation and small addition to  he kitchen. It grew to add the garage addition below, and the kitchen bump out has evolved as well. This is causing zoning conniptions since we jumped into zoning early just to see if we could do it, without working through the design first. I would strongly recommend sorting out as many design issues as possible before going for zoning.

That said, we have created a nice eat-in area with an adjacent mudroom. The mudroom extends the existing entry vestibule, and is 18" lower than the kitchen. This is causing some interesting framing issues. Don't take anything for granted in an older home.

The original design was very low-key, in deference to the house, with a modest hip roof. As the foundation was built, it became apparent that a bit more floor space was needed, and that it would look better to echo a large bay found further over in the family room. This required a change to a gable roof so the bay roof would work, and the extension is requiring re-submittal to the zoning board.