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Glenside addition

Adding onto any house is a challenge, but when the complex roof styles, deep stone walls and tight room layout of a post-victorian home come into play, things get tricky.

For this client  we are removing the rear wall and providing a rear addition as well as interior renovations and reorganization of rooms.

On the first floor, we are adding a family room that opens to a generous porch then to a deep back yard. We are also adding a mudroom and expanding the kitchen as well as opening it to the dining room.

On the 2nd floor, the old master bedroom becomes a laundry and new master bath, while the 2nd floor of the addition is a new bedroom. The steep roof slopes led to us using dormer for more space. In this house, the attic is all usable bedrooms as well, so the addition attic will become the new mechanical room.

To make it all work, the existing garage is being removed and replaced with a smaller one further back on the lot. The compromise gives more yard and garden space for the family.